And What a week its been!

On Oct 31 rumble teased their new platform! as well as a bunch of other follow-up releases from the sleeping volcano of development that was rumble. its no longer a dormant volcano… thats where all the shakes are coming from.


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Static RTMP destinations rumored!

Do you hear that?!?!? the Rumble? it started back on October 31st

Last Tuesday morning on Nov 7 Rumble announced the launch of the beta version of Rumble Studio.

This all-in-one streaming studio allows users to stream to multiple platforms including Rumble, Locals, YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, all from a single dashboard. Key features include the ability to invite guests and go live with up to 9 people, view total concurrent viewers, manage all chats, and stream from various devices including Web, iOS, and Android. Rumble Studio also offers moderation tools, a caller queue for live audience questions, and upcoming features like performance monitoring, clip exports, and stream redirects. Users can join a waitlist for this service by entering their email.

Rumble Studio™ is an all-in-one streaming studio that allows users to go live from various platforms including Rumble, Locals, YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. It supports streaming from Web, iOS, and Android devices. Key features include the ability to easily collaborate with friends and guests, add text and images to the stream, delegate control to a co-host, and manage a caller queue for live audience questions. Future updates include performance monitoring tools, clip exporting, and stream redirection to guide audiences between platforms. The service will soon support live streaming with up to nine people simultaneously and is set to launch soon on iOS and Android.

Stream Redirect

Easily let your audience know when it’s time to move from one platform to another.

The More the Merrier

Go live with up to 9 people in the canvas.

9:54 AM · Nov 7, 2023

Later at 10:05 AM Chris posted these two bombshells!!!

Rumble Announces Launch of Rumble Studio Beta Stream to multiple platforms for free, invite guests, see your total concurrent viewers, see all chats, and so much more in one dashboard