This town hall meeting focused on connecting with the community and answering questions, as Elad mentioned upfront that they did not have any major announcements or updates to share this week.

Elad welcomed everyone and had them share where they were tuning in from. He then discussed the difficult situation currently happening in Israel. Despite not having updates, Elad was happy to still hold the town hall to engage with users.

Many community members shared messages of support. Elad and others then had a discussion about content creation and live streaming. Users asked questions about features, integrations, and troubleshooting various issues.

Elad responded to each question and feature request, providing insight into upcoming priorities and the roadmap. While no firm dates were given, pre-recorded video scheduling and gameplay capture were highlighted as highly requested.

New Features Highlighted:
– Ability to schedule pre-recorded videos to publish later
– Potential support for capturing gameplay directly from consoles


  • Current events in Israel and the Middle East. 9:26
    • Elad discusses the current situation in Israel, including the sadness and long war, and the importance of standing with Israel.
    • Elad and guests from around the world discuss their experiences and support each other during difficult times.
  • Live streaming platform features and user feedback.13:30
    • Elad thanks Susan for joining the live stream and mentions the rumble integration is working well with the chat.
    • Johnny joins from Steph, soft folk, Virginia, and Eileen shares a calisthenics workout.
    • Elad shares his gratitude for being safe with his family and friends during the ongoing war, and expresses hope for a quick victory.
    • James, Aileen, and other listeners offer support and well wishes, with James asking if web sources will ever come to the basic plan.
  • Streaming issues and updates in Israel.19:19
    • Elad apologizes for lack of updates due to craziness in Israel, but team is still working hard and will have surprises next week.
    • Elad addresses Michael’s question about screen acting like it’s getting hacked, and encourages everyone to get along and pray for peace in Israel.
    • Elad: Excited to have people from Arizona joining, including Angelique and Cooper.
    • Lundblad: From Sweden, Lundblad joins the call from faraway Spokane, Washington.
    • Elad seeks help with audio issues during live stream on YouTube and Instagram.
  • Live streaming features and user feedback. 26:49
    • Elad mentions that there are no plans for streaming gameplay directly from an Xbox, but the feature is on the roadmap.
    • Eileen asks for a demo on how to use different layouts, but Elad clarifies that she means switching between scenes, not my layouts in the show.
    • Elad: Emacs TV Max customizable, easy to use, with top priority features coming soon.
    • Elad considers using iPad Pro for streaming, unsure if mobile or desktop version will be used.
  • Emacs and AV Max features, partnerships, and community support. 33:56
    • Elad discusses the possibility of making AV Max work on other web browsers beyond Chrome, with no ETA but a desire to improve compatibility.
    • Jim asks for a way to easily record and repurpose live stream content after stopping the stream, but Elad is unsure of the question’s specifics.
    • Elad announces affiliate program for EP Max, offering 30% commission for first 12 months.