This Evmux townhall recording featured the weekly discussion between Elad and Eran updating the community on upcoming features and taking questions. Some of the key points discussed:

– Elad and Eran hyped up a major upcoming release that they said would be a “game changer” for Evmux but did not provide many details.

– Apps and widgets were discussed in depth to make sure all users understand this foundational feature. It allows fully customizable scenes by adding elements through drag and drop.

– Eran confirmed plans to release an SDK for third party developers to create apps and widgets for the Evmux platform.

– It was mentioned the marketplace will eventually allow developers to sell their apps and widgets, providing a new revenue stream.

Key upcoming features:

– SDK release for third party app and widget development
– Monetization of apps and widgets through the Evmux marketplace
– Potential future support for 4K and advanced codecs


  • Emacs apps and widgets with Q&A. 0:31
    • Elad and Eran kick off the weekly Townhall, welcoming viewers and asking for introductions.
    • Eran shares updates on the community and answers questions on various topics, including emacs and live streaming.
    • Eran and Elad discuss the upcoming release of “apps and widgets” for Emacs, which will allow users to customize their stream and engage with their audience in new ways.
  • Emacs’ apps and widgets for customization and engagement. 5:38
    • Eran and Elad discuss the balance between ease of use and robustness in a live streaming platform, with different verticals having different requirements.
    • Emacs’ apps and widgets offer customization and engagement for users.
    • Elad emphasizes the importance of understanding the basics of apps and widgets for the community, as they will be the ones requesting features and helping shape their development.
    • Eran highlights the increased power and access third-party developers will have in developing new apps and widgets on top of the max platform, while keeping the interface lean and simple.
  • Apps and widgets for video creation. 12:17
    • Elad and Eran discuss the potential for customizable apps and widgets in their product, with a focus on user needs and preferences.
    • Elad: “Happy Thursday, guys! We have participants from various locations, including Florida, New Jersey, and Virginia.”
    • Eran: “Logan asks if we can remove Community Guidelines strict, and Angelique is excited about new features and apps.”
    • Elad and Eran discuss a question from Angelique about choosing which ISO recordings to include in a stream, with Eran stating it is not possible at the moment but they are open to it and will pass it to the team.
    • Dave says Emacs is a game changer and Streamlabs is way behind, while Udo greets the audience and Angelique asks if they will be able to choose which ISO recordings to include in a stream.
  • Developing apps and widgets for live streaming and recording content with evmux.19:58
    • Eran and Elad discuss the upcoming release of the E V Max SDK, which will allow developers to create apps and widgets for the platform.
    • The developers plan to categorize the apps and widgets once they have a sufficient number to warrant categorization.
    • Elad and Eran discuss creating apps and widgets for visual cycling live streams, and Eran provides updates on the progress of the project.
    • Eran and Elad discuss implementing hotkeys for specific apps and widgets, and exploring AI-upscaled 4K support.
    • Melvin Lohar asks why the app is so far away, and Eran responds that it will be amazing in the future.
    • Elad explains that Pro scenes offer full customization, while Dynamic scenes have limited templates with one-click layout changes.
  • Using dynamic scenes in video production. 30:19
    • Eran and Elad discuss the names of their products, Dynamic and Basic, and consider whether they are clear and simple for users.
    • Eran explains that if two people join each other in a 10 ADP, the full composition can be 4k without losing any information, but this will require more resources and a better pricing model.
    • Elad and Eran discuss challenges with displaying comments during live streams, including covering panelists on screen.
    • Elad and Eran discuss how to optimize video content for social media platforms.