• An overview of the SaaS Video streaming landscape
  • Rumble Adds Playlists and teases Studio App
  • Evmux Launches Bible App
  • Streamlabs Acquires Melon

The goal of the series is to help users learn and choose the best tools for live streaming through testing different software, creating in-depth tutorials, and having industry representatives on to discuss their platforms. Christian commits to streaming weekly to provide updates and help users with their setups. The show serves as a starting point to become a trusted resource on live streaming options and best practices.

Video Streaming News Episode 001: Rumble Adds Playlists, Evmux Launches Bible App, and Streamlabs Acquires Mellon

In the inaugural episode of the Seven Talents live stream series, host Christian Sass provided a comprehensive update on recent developments across the live streaming industry.

He began by discussing new features added to the Rumble platform, including playlists which will help improve content discoverability and organic reach. Rumble is also working on implementing static stream keys, a highly requested feature that will allow streamers to more easily go live without needing a new stream key each time.

Next, Sass dove into the latest from Evmux, demonstrating their new Bible app that was recently launched in the platform’s app store. He tested out the features and shared feedback on ways the app could be improved.

Streamlabs was also covered, as the company recently acquired Mellon and incorporated its technology. Sass logged into the Streamlabs desktop app and showed off the new Twitter integration that allows streaming directly to that platform.

The goal of the new series is to help users learn about and choose the best live streaming tools through testing, tutorials, and interviews. Sass committed to streaming weekly to provide updates and help users with any setup or feature questions they may have.

The episode served as a starting point for Seven Talents to become a trusted resource on navigating the evolving live streaming industry and software options available. Viewers are encouraged to tune in for future episodes to stay informed on the latest developments.