Eran and Elad hosted their first townhall in over a month to catch everyone up on new features and answer questions. The major announcement in this Evmux Townhall was the preview of an upcoming public SDK and app marketplace that Elad teased would be released in the coming weeks. This was positioned as a highly anticipated and exciting new development that would empower external developers and creators to build their own custom apps for Evmux, with the potential to even monetize and sell apps to other users. Releasing the SDK and enabling a third-party app ecosystem is a significant milestone that could rapidly accelerate innovation and features for the Evmux platform.

Elad encouraged users to share feedback and ideas in their Facebook group. They discussed improving tutorials to showcase new features being added rapidly. One user asked about changing download formats – Eran explained this depends on device and browsers and they plan improvements.

Evmux Releases Major Studio Updates and Teases Exciting Roadmap

Evmux held their first townhall in over a month to update users on significant new features and preview what’s to come. Eran kicked things off with a live demonstration of the powerful yet easy-to-use apps and widgets. In under a minute, he created an engaging giveaway scene leveraging the new giveaway and spin wheel tools. This drove home Eran’s message that many users are still unaware of the full creative possibilities now available with just a few clicks.

Elad then provided a platform update, announcing improvements like standardized mp4 downloads based on user feedback. A highly requested new speaker room experience was also released, allowing presenters to see the same studio view as audiences. Elad also teased an open SDK and app marketplace in the coming weeks that will empower developers and creators. The townhall reinforced Evmux’s commitment to rapid innovation based on community input to keep elevating the live streaming experience.


Evmux Townhall 84 – 231125 Summary

– Eran demonstrates creating a giveaway scene using the giveaway and spin wheel apps in under a minute
– Emphasizes many users are still unaware of the powerful and easy-to-use apps and widgets available

– Elad encourages sharing feedback and ideas in their Facebook community
– Discusses improving tutorials to better showcase rapid feature additions

– User asks about changing download formats from MKV to MP4
– Eran explains it depends on device/browser but improvements are planned

– New search and filter options added for comments by hashtag or name

– New speaker room allows presenters same view as audiences
– Public SDK and app marketplace previewed for upcoming weeks