This Evmux townhall focused on announcing a redesigned speaker room interface. The previous version was not mobile friendly and lacked an intuitive design.

The new speaker room provides a streamlined experience for guests. It features a cleaner layout that is fully responsive. Notifications now clearly show when users join or leave.

The key goals were improving the guest experience and expanding Evmux’s uses beyond just live streaming. This includes applications like interviews, meetings and other collaborative workflows.

The hosts encouraged attendees to try the updated speaker room for themselves. The development team continues enhancing Evmux into a full featured video production platform.

New features:

The main new feature announced in the Evmux townhall video was the complete redesign of the speaker room interface. Some of the key updates to the speaker room include:

– A cleaner, more intuitive and mobile-optimized layout and design
– Ability to pop out the live preview window
– View social comments directly in the speaker room
– Easily switch between different sessions
– Clear notifications when joining or leaving the room