This video was the first townhall meeting hosted by Anthony and Elad from Evmux. They discussed and demonstrated the Pro Scene Editor feature of Evmux, which allows users to edit their live streams while they are live. Some of the key points discussed:

– The Pro Scene Editor is a drag and drop editor that lets users create and edit scenes, layouts, cameras, videos, and more without stopping their live stream.

– Users can pre-populate scenes before their live stream for a seamless experience.

– Features demonstrated included resizing and positioning cameras, adding animated lower thirds, transitioning between scenes, and auto-switching scenes.

– Comments from all integrated platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. are displayed in one place in the Evmux dashboard.

Prices were briefly mentioned in the video. The free plan on includes almost all features like scenes, transitions, animated lower thirds. The only thing that requires an upgrade is removing the Evmux logo from streams, which upgrades the plan to $19 per month.

– Townhalls will be every Thursday to answer questions and get feedback from users.